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By-Law and Enforcement Services - Report a Parking Infraction

The City of Brampton will respond to Parking Violations on City Property. Some examples of Parking V ...

By-Law and Enforcement Services – Continuous Noise Complaint

Noise is defined as any unwanted sound.

By-Law and Enforcement Services- Weeds & Lawns on Private Property

Residential, commercial and industrial property owners must keep their lawns/property from becoming  ...

Parks - Tree Pruning & Inspections

The City of Brampton’s Forestry team undertakes maintenance of trees, including pruning and removal, ...

Litter, Debris, Shopping Carts and Obstructions

The City of Brampton will respond to reports of litter and debris on City Property. Possible repor ...

By-Law and Enforcement Services - Exterior Offence

Exterior offences on a private property include but are not limited to:

City Grass Cutting

The Parks Maintenance & Operations team is responsible for grass cutting at:

By-law and Enforcement Services - Parked Vehicle Blocking the End of a Residential Driveway

By-Law Enforcement will attend to investigate vehicles that are parked and blocking a residential dr ...