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Parks - Tree Pruning & Inspections

The City of Brampton’s Forestry team undertakes maintenance of trees, including pruning and removal, on trees located within City-owned property such as parks and boulevards in-front of homes. Members of the public are not permitted to conduct any work, including pruning, on City owned trees.

You do not require permission to prune your own, privately-owned tree. Please use the ‘Tree Preservation By-Law’ as a guideline when pruning your private tree.

Possible Reporting Scenarios:

  • Sick/Dead/Unhealthy City Tree
  • City Tree needs pruning or trimmed
  • Tree stump/peg removal
  • General inquires about pruning

Expected Service Levels:

  • For Sick/Dead/Unhealthy Trees: Inspections are conducted approx. 90 days from initial request
  • Tree Maintenance: can take up to 12 months after inspection

What happens after I report my concern or submit my request?

  • A Tree Inspection will be conducted approximately 90 days from the initial request
  • The Inspector will leave a ‘Tree Door Hanger’ on your door to let you know the inspection is complete
  • The Necessary work will be scheduled for completion

If you require further assistance, please contact 311 within Brampton or 905-874-2000.

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Last Updated on Apr 18, 2024