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Browse the City's service request catalog below. Some request types might be added or removed over time. If you need assistance: call 311, or search our articles.

Dead Animal – City Property

Dead Animal – Private Property

Report a Concern about a Auto body Garage (accident repair garage)

Report a Concern with Flowerbed and/or Hanging Basket

Report a Driveway Too Wide

Report a Noise Concern

Report a Parking Infraction

Report a Parks/Recreational Trails Issue

Report a Traffic Sign Issue

Report a Traffic Signal Issue

Report an Abandoned Shopping Cart

Report an Illegal/Junk Sign

Report an Incident of Dumping

Report an Uncleared/Icy Sidewalk

Report Curb or Sidewalk Damage

Report Damaged Trees

Report Dead or Damaged Sod

Report Dead or Unhealthy Trees

Report Excessive Growth Grass/Weeds on Private Property

Report Excessive Refuse/Garbage on Private Property

Report Fireworks

Report Graffiti

Report Illegal Commercial Trucking, Intermodal and Container Storage

Report Improper Storage of Garbage Containers

Report Litter, Debris or Obstructions

Report Mud-Tracking on City Roadways

Report of Damage to City Sidewalk/Boulevard Curb

Report of Landscaping/Construction/Dumpster Bin and other Materials on City Roadway

Report of Structures too Close to Property Line (Shed, decks etc.)

Report Poorly Maintained Property

Report Pothole or Road Damage

Report Snow Issues

Report Speed Display Board and Traffic Calming Device

Report Stagnant Water on Private Property

Request New/Replacement Tree

Request Speed Display Board and Traffic Calming Device

Street Light Repairs Needed

Tree Debris Cleanup Required

Tree Pruning or Removal Required