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By-Law and Enforcement Services – Second/Third Units – Complaint

Second units are now permitted in detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings, subject to zoning requirements. In order to be legal, second units must be registered with the City of Brampton. Second units registered prior to November 16, 1995 will continue to be recognized as ‘registered’ and are not required to register again

Second units with Legal Non-Conforming status (under Bill 120) are now required register with the City according to the new process. They will not however, need to comply with the new Zoning By-law requirements.

All other existing or proposed second units will be required to register and comply with the new Zoning By-law requirements for Two-unit Dwellings

The Enforcement and By-Law Services division investigates zoning violations regarding second-units. Concerns regarding the legality of a second unit will be investigated.

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Last Updated on Jan 14, 2024