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Litter, Debris, Shopping Carts and Obstructions

The City of Brampton will respond to reports of litter and debris on City Property. 

Possible reporting scenarios include:

  • Matters that could cause hazard to pedestrian/vehicular traffic
  • Garbage or Debris
  • Garbage can, leaves etc. on fire
  • Broken Glass
  • Vehicular debris from an accident
  • Real-estate and advertising signs obstructing the sidewalk or road
  • Animal fecal matter
  • Furniture Items
  • Garbage bags dumped
  • Blowing garbage
  • Shopping Carts
  • Real-estate signs, advertising signs or elections signs that Bylaw has asked to be removed
  • Leaves outside of the leaf vacuum program areas
  • Retrieval of Pylons

To report an Urgent matter, please contact 311 within Brampton or 905-874-2000.

What happens after I report my concern or submit my request?

  • A Service Request will be created and reviewed to determine the urgency
  • A Work Order will be generated to have the debris cleared
  • The Service Request will be updated with the resolution

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Last Updated on May 1, 2024