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By-law and Enforcement Services - Report of a Parking Violation – Other Non-Timed Offences

By-Law Enforcement Officers will respond to parking violations on City property. Some examples of parking violations are:

  • Facing Wrong Way

  • Within 3 m of Fire Hydrant
  • Obstructing Traffic

  • On a pedestrian crossover
  • At an expired meter
  • Stopped in prohibited area
  • More than 15 cm from curb

  • In front of a laneway

  • On the boulevard

  • In a prohibited area

  • In a taxicab stand

  • Parked on bicycle lane

  • On municipal property

  • Within 9 m of an intersection

  • In a crosswalk

  • Parking over 3 Hours

  • Parking between the hours of 2:00am-6:00am

  • In an accessible space without a permit

The City does not respond to reports of parking violations on private property, such as plazas, unless it is within an accessible space or blocking a designated fire route. For parking violations on private property, please contact property management.

To report a vehicle parked in violation of the non-timed parking by-laws, please submit a service request.

If you require further assistance, please contact 311 within Brampton or 905-874-2000.


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Last Updated on Oct 9, 2021