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By-Law and Enforcement Services - Garbage and Debris on Private Property

Garbage and debris including animal waste, leaves and weeds – are unsightly and can be a health and safety hazard. Help create a safe and attractive environment for everyone by clearing garbage and debris from your property.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • garbage bags
  • animal waste
  • graffiti on private property
  • parts of vehicles including tires
  • discarded furniture, appliances, machinery, barbeques
Please be aware that:
  • Garbage stored on the boulevard is the responsibility of the Region of Peel;
  • Automotive parts cannot be stored outside, anywhere on the property;
If a property is not kept clear of garbage and debris (including graffiti) the City may issue an Order to Comply ordering that it be removed. The City will re-inspect and if it is not removed, will arrange for a contractor to remove the debris, charging back the costs to the property owner Minimum Maintenance (Property Standards) By-law (104-96) and Refuse By-law (165-2011)Costs plus administrative fees will be added directly to the owner’s property taxes. To report garbage and debris on private property you may submit service request.

If you require further assistance, please contact 311 within Brampton or 905-874-2000.

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Last Updated on Jun 16, 2020