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Parks - Irrigation and Sprinklers - Urgent & Non-Urgent

Brampton is known as the “Flower City” of Canada. With more that 400 roadside gardens and wonderful destination gardens, see why Brampton is a Communities in Bloom International Award winner.

The City of Brampton has made great strides in revitalizing our floral heritage and building a reputation as Canada’s Flower City. Brampton showcases some very interesting and beautiful flowerbeds and floral displays.

Possible Reporting Scenarios:

  • General Flowerbed/Hanging Basket Inquiries
  • Issues with a Flowerbed/Hanging Basket
  • Issues with the Sprinkler System for the Flowerbed/Hanging Basket
  • Water line breakage or damage causing pooling or bubbling water
  • General inquires/complaints/concerns

Expected Service Levels:

  • Urgent Issues: 3 Business Days
  • Non-Urgent Issues: 30 Business days
  • Flowerbed & Hanging Baskets: 5 Business Days

What happens after I report my concern or submit my request?

  • The Necessary work or investigation will be scheduled for completion
For further assistance or to report an urgent matter, please contact 311 within Brampton or 905-874-2000.

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Last Updated on Jun 11, 2024